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Ideas, experience, quality and flexible service – welcome to Merchland!

We are your partner for first-class merchandise concepts. We combine the advantages of a young and flexible team with almost two decades of rock`n`roll experience. We know all of the aspects of this very special business like the backs of our hands. The production of merchandise articles is our daily business, but we also offer tour support for all sizes of tour. No matter if you are touring small clubs or large stadium sized venues. We also offer year-round marketing concepts, like our web shop, to push your sales even when you are not on the road.

We treat every band as a high priority customer, no matter how big or small it might be. Knowing about the importance of merchandise to your band we offer ideas and concepts to increase your success. Our flexible management allows for quick decision making and a swift solution for any arising problem.
We love to make the seemingly impossible a reality.

Our passion for great fan gear makes us your ideal partner for your merchandise needs.

Hamburg in the heart of northern Germany is our headquarter. It offers an excellent infrastructure and access to all possible modes of traffic. This way we can ship your products quickly and reliably.

The basic idea of Merchland is as simple as it is still valid:
We make shirts and sell them!

Our range of products is not limited to t-shirts, of course. We
offer you textiles like hooded sweaters, longsleeve shirts, girlie
shirts, caps, beanies, hats, shorts and much more. You can also
get stickers, patches, keychains, lanyards, buttons, pins, cups,
mugs, flags, scarfs and such.
An immense international network of competent partners puts
us into a position where we can offer unique and incredible
merchandise concepts.
Options are literally limitless and we look forward to your specific

Please confront us with your ideas. We are happily looking forward to exceed
your expectaions.

If you have any questions please don‘t hesitate to get in touch with me,
Sascha Tweele.

Merchland. We love merch, we live merch!

Quality has it‘s price – and we offer the best price on quality!

We offer our customers a giant range of raw materials and refinement options Our goal is to offer the perfect quality for the planned product.

At customer‘s choice we manufacture in Germany, the United Kingdom or Asia. We are happy to explain all the advantages of each manufacturing site to you in detail.

Our pricing structure is always kept simple, despite the countless possible options, so that you can always configure the right product for you fast and easy.

Quality and speed do not exclude each other – on the contrary!

Our print shops are working to the newest generation of printing standards. We include the best and most reliable
external print shops to swiftly produce your order but to newer compromise quality.


Despite the music nothing is as important to the fan‘s individual lifestyle than the band merchandise. It is what links fans as a visual connection to the band with it‘s music and to other fans. Nothing quite expresses their personal way of life than band gear.

To the fan a band shirt is much more than just a colorful printed piece of clothing. It conveys a feeling, it is a piece of conserved memory worn with pride and often linked to a very special time and feeling.

Hardly any piece of clothing can ever hold such a high emotional value for it‘s wearer than his favorite band‘s tour-shirt which was bought right at the concert. It serves as a time capsule, continually bringing back the feeling of this very magic evening.

A music fan without band gear is unheard of!

For a band, merchandise is important in more than one way and simply put it is essential to the band‘s success. On the one hand it is a wonderful secondary product and will without a doubt boost revenue. On the other hand it is an essential part of image building. It supports the branding and adds a face to the music.The fan should of course be able
to pick up merch right at the concert. But he has to have the chance to order year round in a simple and swift fashion.
We help you market your merchandise effectively!

Talk to us about your perfect merchandise mix.

Raw product + refinement = Merchandise!

Everything starts with the raw products. And here you will find limitless options. To keep up with the ever growing market we keep in touch with many different suppliers. This way we don‘t miss any trends and are always on top of new developments.

You have seen it, but you don‘t know what it was?

Talk to us. We will find our what it is and then get it for you! It does not matter weather
it‘s textiles, print articles, pens, cups, stickers, pillows, umbrellas, buttons, license
plate frames or any other merchandise articles.

We also have the right refinement option for your raw product and the
right idea how to do it best. We offer screen printing, stitching, transfer
printing, engraving and much, much more.

EVERYTHING is possible!

Just ask us.


Merchland puts more than 17 years of rock and roll experience at your service. We are your top supplier of the best quality, reliability and fast service.

Many well accomplished bands trust us with their merchandise demands and they are never disappointed!

These are a few of the bands, artists and organizations we work with or have worked with in the past:

Bela B, Entombed, All Ends, Hate Eternal, Roland Kaiser, Overkill, Body Count, Tommy the Clown, All Ends, Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, Dimebag Hardware, Down, Einstürzende Neubauten, Eric Sardinas, In Flames, Johnny Winter, Kim Wilde, Kittie, KMFDM, Meshuggah, Mouse on Mars, Municipal Waste, Nina Hagen, Paul Nelson, Sonic Syndicate, Spiritual Baggers, The Young Punx, GWAR, Laut gegen Nazis, St. Pauli Fanladen, Reviolence, Rote Gourmet Fraktion (RGF), Übergas, Septic Flesh, Evergrey, Hammerfall, Exodus, Mortiis, Weingut Tesch, Stefan Dettl, Soilwork,Therion, Vains of Jenna, Die Toten Hosen, Apocalyptica, Blindside, Die Ärzte, Cannibal Corpse, Chtonic, Covenant, Crematory, Diana Ross, DIO, Engel, Hate Eternal, Jesus on Extasy, Kiss, Oomph!, Project Pitchfork, Reamonn, Skinny Puppy, SYL, Testament, The Dresden Dolls, The Kelly Family, The Mission, Velcra, Backyard Babies, Billy Crawford, Doro, And One, Grönemeyer, Guano Apes, H-Blockx, HIM, Mando Diao, Marc Terenzi, Nena, Sarah Connor, Tommy the Clown, Wolfsheim,Amaranthe, St. Pauli Fanladen, Ad Infinitum, The Dark Side of the Moon, Phantom Elite, Lacuna Coil, Kamelot, Torfrock, Dying Phoenix, Rezet, Moonspell